BizCorps strategy consultants work with high-potential Colombian businesses. At the beginning of their assignment, BizCorps associates, in partnership with senior management, assess these enterprises’ competitive gaps and opportunities. Following this initial phase, the BizCorps team designs a strategy to stimulate transformational organizational changes, overcome operational challenges and achieve ambitious growth targets. The associates then implement the strategy over the course of several months and complete the engagement with an intensive impact assessment that evaluates key metrics such as revenue growth, job creation and market penetration.

Associate Engagement

1. Assessment

BizCorps associates are placed with pre-screened clients to conduct initial assessments of the businesses, identifying the enterprises’ greatest challenges and opportunities.

2. Strategy

 Based upon the results of the assessment, associates develop a strategy to fill clients’ competitive gaps, facilitate necessary organizational changes and outline ambitious growth targets.

3. Implementation

The Bizcorps team, in close partnership with client employees and management, leads a disciplined implementation process that creates enduring cultural change.

4. Evaluation

Associates create impact assessments gauging completion of project goals and reviewing key metrics such as revenue growth, job creation and market penetration.

“My company went through a 180-degree transformation. We were able to break into new markets and find new income sources. Having a Bizcorps Associate at our side truly helped us understand how to take the company to the next level.”

— Juan Fernando Dávila Sarmiento
Founder and Managing Director
The Line Group